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Maria Carmone - Seventy …and counting

Maria Carmone

Seventy …and counting

SEVENTY ...and counting is about my wonderful life, as told by my body, my wrinkles, my smile, the only thing that has remained unchan- ged in the many years of my existence, my whole being that has always remained the same and has not deteriorated over time, with the same determination to fight for my ideals I have had since I was a teenager at the Giuseppe Mazzini Middle School, where, when I saw injustices done by the professors I denounced them with the strength of my 12 years; over time, I have never given in to the blackmails that life sometimes threw at me.

My wonderful life has been dictated by the people I have met in all these years, first of all my parents, who wanted me, loved me, raised me, but also by those who loved me and those who did not understand me, because I have loved them all regardless, and I carry all within.

Maria Carmone born in Taranto on 30 September 1951, Master's degree, degree in Theology, Religion and Operational Methodologies teacher, Member of the SdS Institute community of Taranto, Catechist, collaborated with UNICEF and TDM Taranto section and others Voluntary organizations.

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Collana "I Diamanti - Narrativa ENG"
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